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About Us

After being a long time employee at Pirrie & Associates, Michael Zahner acquired the company in 1991, changing the name to Zahner & Associates. In that time we have grown from a small, locally owned surveying company headquartered in Perryville, Missouri, to a full-service surveying solution successfully completing large surveying projects.

Almost 25 years ago we staked our reputation on delivering honest, affordable surveying services and always finding solutions for our clients. Our growth is due to our skilled and motivated workforce. Our employees hold themselves accountable and take pride in the innovative contributions they bring to our satisfied clients—who, pleased with our results, bring us more clients.

We are eager to partner with you and demonstrate why we are the best choice for surveying in the region. Please call 800-773-1771 or 573-547-1771 to discuss your needs with one of our associates.

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